Ways to Support AACM


AACM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. You donation will be put to work by helping the college maintain its numerous activities.

Become an AACM Member

The most direct way to support this institution is to become a member by donating directly to the college. Your funds will be involved in every aspect of the college and its ongoing programs. There are a variety of member benefits as well, depending on your level of involvement.

Attend AACM Events

Attending our concerts and other AACM events is one of the most enjoyable methods of supporting the college and its on-going work in the community.

AACM Student Scholarship Fund

The AACM Scholarship Program has been created to provide funding to students showing great promise and dedication in the art of North Indian classical instrumental music.  The scholarships range from partial to full coverage of tuition for a two-month course, totaling eight classes.

These scholarships are available to students all over the world through online classes, as well as those wishing to study in person at the Ali Akbar College of Music in Marin County, CA.  Students must be at an intermediate-advanced level to apply.  We welcome students of all instruments as long as they are technically efficient enough to learn the music on their given instrument.