Online Instrumental Scholarships

AACM Instrumental Scholarship with Alam Khan

The AACM Instrumental Scholarships have been created to provide funding to students showing great promise and dedication in the art of North Indian classical instrumental music. The scholarships cover partial to full tuition for one eight-week session.  The classes are taught by Alam Khan, son of the late legendary Sarode Maestro Ali Akbar Khan.

These scholarships are available to students all over the world through online classes.  Students must be at an intermediate-advanced level to apply. We welcome students of all instruments as long as they are technically efficient enough to learn the music on their given instrument.

How To Apply:

Students must email a detailed letter answering the following questions to

1. What is your name, age, email address and phone number?

2. What is your musical background and which instrument do you wish to study on?

3. Where are you located and do you wish to take classes in person or online?

4. Record a 5-10 minute video showcasing your abilities on the instrument of your choice for our panel to review.

5. Explain why you wish to apply for this grant and how you feel this training will help you in your musical life.


1. To take classes online you will need a high speed internet connection and computer.

2. You must provide your own instrument to study on.

3. You must have a device on which to record your lessons.

4. Students will not distribute, share or sell any recordings/musical notation of lessons they have learned through their time studying at AACM. All recordings/musical notation are for the students learning purposes only. A contract will need to be signed by the recipients prior to the beginning of the scholarship.


  1. The AACM scholarship covers the full cost ($450 USD) of one session at the AACM (in-person or online) for a total of 8 classes, or partial tuition ($225).

  2. AACM will not provide housing, internet, computer or any additional materials that students may require while studying.

  3. Grantees are able to re-apply each year.

For more information call the office at 415 454-6374, or email us at

Ali Akbar College of Music San Rafael CA