Mary Khan

Mary Khan is Executive Director of the Ali Akbar College of Music, Manager of the Ali Akbar Khan Library and Archive Manager of the Swapan Chaudhuri Library Project. Under her leadership, the college and library have become an international center of learning and a significant arts and humanities archive at the highest technical level.

She began her studies of Indian Classical Music and dance, including tabla and vocal music, in 1972 as a student of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan, Ustad Alla Rakha, Ustad Zakir Hussain,and Pandit Chitresh Das. She has studied with master percussionist Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri for the past 30 years.

Mrs. Khan has a notable record as a music publisher. She has managed Alam Madina Music Productions and Publishing, the record label and publishing entities for Ali Akbar Khan’s work since 1979 and produced records that garnered three Grammy Nominations. Mrs. Khan has studied extensively about preserving audio collections and attended the country’s first symposium on the topic: Sound Saving: Preserving Audio Collections.

Manik Khan Teacher at AACM