Ali Akbar Khan Library

The Ali Akbar Khan Library was the passion project of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan and his wife, and director of AACM, Mary Khan. 20 years in the making it houses over 40 years of AAK’s life works in the form of classes, concerts, video, audio, and much more. A library of this magnitude – currently over 8,000 hours – consisting of the works of one of the greatest musicians of modern times has not been created before, and we are very proud of it. The library will serve to preserve Maestro Khan’s teachings and music and will be an invaluable tool for generations of Indian classical music students to come. Housed in the San Rafael campus, the library is free to the public. The office staff is on hand to help new visitors learn how to navigate the digitized library and to answer questions that students and the general public may have.

For more information, you can visit our Ali Akbar Khan Library website, which gives viewers a glimpse into the types of materials they will be able to access in the library. In “Class Examples,” the listener will be able to experience numerous classes taught by Maestro Khan in 12 different Ragas. This repository totals 60 different classes. While the physical library contains 361 Ragas taught by Maestro Khan, the website will afford the listener plenty of material to enjoy and learn from.

Click here to visit the Ali Akbar Khan Library website.

AAK at the AACM
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