About The Works

“The Works” is a free bi-monthly gathering for musicians of all styles and levels to come together and play the brilliant and unique works/compositions of the legendary Maestro Ali Akbar Khan.

It is open to all who wish to participate on any type of instrument. Notation will be provided at each gathering in the traditional Indian format called “Sargam”. Western notation will be transcribed and offered whenever available. All instruments should be tuned to and played in the key of “C”.  Instrumentalists are welcome to transpose as well.  Vocalists are also welcome to participate, but will have to adapt their singing to the instrumental repertoire.

Ultimately the purpose of these gatherings is to establish a body of AAK’s compositional works that can be referenced, known, and played by all musicians.  This will also give past, present, and future members of the AACM community a chance to play the maestro’s music together as they did before his passing in 2009.

When: No current dates available. Please check back!

Where: Ali Akbar College of Music – 215 West End Ave., San Rafael, CA 94901


Ali Akbar College of Music San Rafael CA