Maestro Ali Akbar Khan’s Centennial Celebrations
A Year-Long Event

Some of Indian classical music’s brightest performers are joining together to celebrate Maestro Ali Akbar Khan’s 100th birthday.

These performances will be hosted online by the Ali Akbar College of Music—a non-profit organization seeking to spread the teachings of this ancient tradition to any and all who wish to learn. For more information about upcoming events throughout this Centennial year, please visit
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AAK Centennial

Welcome to the
Ali Akbar College
of Music

The College specializes in teaching Sarode, Sitar, and Tabla at the highest professional level in the North Indian classical tradition.

2023 Session Dates


February 20 – April 16

May 1 – June 25

July 10 – September 3

September 18 – November 12

November 27 – February 5

Our thanks to the following organizations for their generous support:
Zellerbach Family Foundation
The California Arts Council
Hewlett Foundation