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Welcome to the
Ali Akbar College
of Music

Sessions For 2018

February 19th – April 15th

April 30th – June 24th

July 9th – September 2nd

September 17th – November 11th

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Upcoming Concert

Ali Akbar College of Music Presents
An Evening of Santoor and Rabab

Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on Santoor
with Jas Ahluwalia on Tabla

Qais Essar on Rabab
with Neelamjit Dhillon on Tabla

Saturday, July 21st, 2018
7:30 pm

Ali Akbar College of Music
215 West End Ave.
San Rafael, CA 94901

Concert Calendar
Concert with Nilan Chaudhuri January 13, 2018
Our thanks to the following organizations for their generous support:
Alliance for California Traditional Arts
The San Francisco Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Hewlett Foundation