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Donate now and become an AACM Member

The most direct way to support this institution is to become a member by donating directly to the college. Your funds will be involved in every aspect of the college and its ongoing programs. There are a variety of member benefits as well, depending on your level of involvement. View member benefits and donation page.

Hold a benefit auction

AACM is now registered with Ebay and Missionfish to accept some, or all, of your auction proceeds as a donation. This is a great way to pass on extra items around your house while supporting this wonderful music. For detailed information on how to hold a benefit auction, click here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Based on your hours and skills there would be numerous opportunities to show your support to this unique music college and do your part to insure that this legacy lives on. Please contact our staff about current jobs available!



Attend AACM Events!

Attending our concerts and other AACM events is one of the most enjoyable methods of supporting the college and its on-going work in the community.

Events Calendar

AACM Student Scholarship Fund

Help create a scholarship!

Endowed scholarships create a permanent fund. Contributions will be prudently invested with the Marin Community Foundation to ensure that the scholarship retains its value in the years to come. Scholarships established through endowments are funded through the income earned by the endowment. The Marin Community Foundation trustees establish the “payout rate” on an annual basis. If you are interested in creating an endowed scholarship please contact Mary Khan at (415) 456-5963 to discuss this option.

AACM is registered with Escrip

Supporting the college just got easier. Participating merchants will make contributions to your chosen group, based on purchases made by you, just by using the cards you have registered. Registration is free, very brief, open to any credit card and will not affect any existing promotion you may have with your card company. Among the hundreds of merchants that participate are Whole Foods, Good Earth and Andronico's. To register your credit card and learn more click here.