The Ali Akbar College of Music is offering classes in Berkeley, taught by Bruce Hamm.

All of our classes are taught in the style of Maestro Ali Akbar Khansahib. The techniques, methods of practice, emphasis on purity of raga, composition and overall essence of the Maihar Seni Gharama have been taught at the AACM for the past 40 years. We pride ourselves on being one of the foremost institutes of Indian classical music in the world.

Beginning Level Classes:

  • Vocal
  • Instrumental

All instruments are welcome, but you must be familiar with your instrument. If you are new to your instrument, contact the AACM office to set up introductory lessons.

Schedule and Fees:
Classes will take place once per week. The cost is $375 for an 8-week session. If you would like to pay for classes in two installments, contact the office to set up a recurring payment program.

For info on location call us at (415) 454-6372 or e-mail to